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michelle parham:  A few words about me

i am based at a wonderful local spa:  just jill beauty & wellness in austin.


I am a makeup artist, herbalist, body wrap specialist and intuitive coach.


I have 14 years experience in the beauty services industry.  As a professional makeup artist, my work has been used on TV and published in magazines.  My skills include makeup for all lighting, styles from natural to dramatic, all ages, all skin types, all genders and all skin colors, corrective makeup, airbrush and light special effects.

I have studied herbs, diet and nutrition for 20 years and am a certified herbalist.  I make many herbal products such as teas, tinctures, salves, linament and more.  All of my herbs are organic or harvested from the wild or I grow them on my little farm out in Elgin.  If you have a question about how herbs can help you, please ask - I do a free initial 20 minute consultation.  My herbal skill also integrate well into my wellness coaching.

I am a certified body wrap technician and have wrapped over 500 clients.  My body wrap is brewed fresh for each client, from whole, organic herbs known for firming, toning and detoxing.  I am the only provider in Austin of a CBD body wrap from a tested and legal source.  My body wraps are customizable for each client, so let me know what you are looking for.

As a certified intuitive coach and ordained minister, I provide sessions for clearing of limiting beliefs that can hold you back in any area of your life.  Results can be immediate but can take time to fully develop.  I also do clearing of unwanted cords, psychic hooks, wayward spirits and entities.  You might also like a session for body scanning or contacting your ancestors, spirit guides or guardian angels.